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GFR 140

VA | Green Field Recordings | World Listening Day 2022: Listening Across Boundaries

The Portuguese netlabel Green Field Recordings joins, for the 12th year, the World Listening Project, through World Listening Day, with another field recording sound compilation, under the theme “Listening Across Boundaries”. Thanks to all sound artists that participate in this special edition.

Alvaro G Diaz Rodriguez - On The Street Of A Migrant Camp In Tijuana (03:56)
Atelier Radiofónico - Vento Sobre Antena Tropoesférica (05:06)
Carlos Devizia - Third Kind Encounter In The Forest (03:54)
Carlos Santos - Coimbra, Sedimental Time (04:59)
Deep Dive Sound - The Beauty of Dusk (Rugova Mountains, Kosovo) (10:00)
Luís Antero - Coimbra, 6pm (04:19)
Mark Nazemi - Tilaran, Costa Rica (10:00)
Rich Bitting - A Sacred Voice (09:56)
Roberto Vodanović Čopor - Birds. Morning By The River (09:00)
Sara Pinheiro - This Is Not Rain (04:00)
Thomas Park - Windy, Sunday Morning In November (03:13)
Toni Dimitrov - Waves (03:10)

Style: Soundscape/Field Recordings
Artwork: GFR (from the original WLD logo)
(cc) 2022

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10th ompilation (2021)

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