Green Field Recordings

GFR 016

David Nemeth | USburbia.Retail

01.  Christiana Mall - Newark Delaware (07:00)
02.  Apple Store -  Newark Delaware (02:59)
03.  Walmart - New Castle Delaware (09:47)
04.  Farmer's Market - New Castle Delaware (11:35)
05.  Liquor Store - Claymont Delaware (06:36)


USburbia: Retail was culled from over 6 hours of recordings made in various retail establishments in northern Delaware. Saturdays, for many in the United States, is meant for shopping which in turn means spending money they don't have. The first two tracks are from the Christiana Mall which attracts thousands of people from bordering states as Delaware does not have sales tax, so stores that sell big ticket items, such as the Apple Store, are always quite busy. Well, there is nothing quite as American (or un-American) as Walmart, so it was natural that a recording needed to be made there. The fourth track is the Farmer's Market in New Castle, Delaware, just up the road from the Walmart. It is a combination of fish markets, butchers and vendors selling anything and everything. In Delaware. the Walmart and the Farmers Market are the exclusive domain of the working class, while the Liquor Store welcomes all: rich or poor, black or white.


GFR 011

Xarhope On The Road | Cairo Mall

01. Sabah El Noor

02. Taala

03. Bisswaraah

04. Elhamd llahlah

05. Felucca Etneen Guinê

06. Raya Feh?

07. Felous Fluss

08. Ma Salama!

Total running time: 30:58


“Sabah El Noor” Cairo Mall is about the maniac street sellers shouting in all directions in the chaotic streets of Cairo.
“Taala.” Twenty million of inhabitants and the strangers over the sun.
“Bisswaraah.” Cairo Mall is about the maniac mosque callers shouting to the megaphone in the improvised praying stands along the sidewalks.
“Elhamd llahlah.” Cairo Mall is about the maniac tourist hunters always trying to catch you with strange prays to make you go on the boats over the Nile to see who knows the mutant crocodile, half human half alligator.
“Felucca Etneen Guinê.” Cairo Mall is about the maniac taxi drivers always trying to go faster as the traffic gets more confuse.
“Raya Feh?” Cairo Mall is about the maniac people that make their lives on the street, there they stay all the day looking for an opportunity to talk, they will ask your name, they will spell you name, they will find an equivalent in Arabic for your name, they will search about the meaning and after the discussion maybe they will try to make some kind of business.
“Felous Fluss” All this is orchestral, but the musicians need to be paid. “Doesn’t matter if people do not speak the same language, they have to talk, they have to laugh, they have to discuss, they have to go, because think too much is bad.
“Ma Salama!” These street recordings were made around Ramses square, Tahrir square and under the bridges in Ataba. In these areas is possible to find some charismatic personages that act as street musicians. The erk sous seller is a man that transports with him a big pot with some kind of fava liquor and play sagat, a kind of tip bell to call the clients. The rebaba seller always playing the same song about the Luxor enchants and trying to sell his homemade rababa violin to kids and strangers. Sometimes appears a short van full of gas bottles and a man hit the bottles with a stick making a metallic noise to call the people that need to change their gas bottles. There are some ambulant vegetable sellers, mainly woman, crossing the areas around downtown and shouting “mororreia” a kind of grape tree cooked leaf and “rass”, in Portuguese alface, eventually with Arabic roots. Everythind a big salad. A life crude salad with all the ancient gods present.


GFR 015

auvikogue | heima®t

01. heima®t (21:20)


with the project heima®t auvikogue/peter schubert is documentating the auditive sourroundings of the small city 'geislingen an der steige' in the south of germany. the release 'heima®t' on gfr is a collection of unedited field recordings from the years 2008 to 2010. the city, also known as the city of 5 valleys, is directely located at the exceptional railroad construction work 'geislinger steige' to ascent to the swabian mountains which was built in the mid of the 19th century.
therefore it is no surprise, that the sound from off the hills, the streams down the valley and the trains is omnipresent.


GFR 014

MECHA/ORGA | 27:36

01. 27:36 (27:36)


Yiorgis Sakellariou was artist-in-residency at Polymer culture factory in Tallinn, from August 16 to September 8, 2010. During his residency he made field recordings in Tallinn, Tartu (Estonia) and Riga (Latvia). Selected sounds where edited in an audio montage, without the use of equalizers or any sort of digital processing.


GFR 013 | tv signal amplifier, radio and clock

01. tv signal amplifier, radio and clock (12:42)





GFR 010

MZ-N710 | Paysages Ferroviaires

01. Locomotive à vapeur 241 P 17, train au départ de Bourg en Bresse, 30/05 (04:57)
02. Locomotive à vapeur 241 P 17, pompe à air, gare de Bellegarde/V., 30/05 (01:18)
03. Locomotive à vapeur 241 A 65, pompe à air, gare de Genève, 30/05 (01:32)
04. Locomotive à vapeur 241 P 17, pompe à air et haut-parleur, gare d’ Aix les Bains, 30/08 (01:59)
05. Locomotive à vapeur 241 P 17, “soupapes chantantes”, Bourg en Bresse, 30/08 (04:03)
06. Locomotive à vapeur 241 P 17, départ de Bourg en Bresse, 20/09 (02:12)
07. Autorail X 2856, départ de Courpiére, 31/07 (07:22)
08. Locomotive diesel CC 72049, gare de Part-Dieu, 03/09 (03:07)
09. Locomotive diesel CC 72049, gare de Lyon, 20/09 (01:09)
10. Locomotive diesel BB 67574, gare de Lyon Perrache, 20/09 (02:00)
11. TGV, environs de Massy, 02/07 (05:53)



GFR 009

PegEcoh | Gravações de Campo

01. Gravações de Campo (28:29)



GFR 008

Anton Mobin | Floating Wood

01. Floating Wood (20:00)



GFR 007

Alexei Biryukoff | Talmenka

01.  a six min trip (6:26)
02.  crowd (0:59)
03.  geese (1:00)
04.  saw (2:75)
05.  farm meadow (2:30)
06.  dry grass (1:42)
07.  thruck and thunder (3:49)
08.  broken tree in the river (2:41)
09.  night (1:41)
10.  night fire (3:12)
11.  river and birds (5:39)
12.  sheapherd (0:40)
13.  lonely cow (0:25)
14.  rain (8:30)
15.  back home (3:27)



GFR 006

Xarhope On The Road | Radio Taxi Beirut

01. Radio Taxi Beirut (30:01)



GFR 005

Terence Lloren - Bivouac Recording | Sounds Of Shanghai

01. Fangbang Lu Erhu (02:27)
02. Early Morning (29:41)
03. Qi Bao Ancient Town (03:07)
04. Li Gang Marshland by The Ocean (06:00)
05. Longhua Temple Buddhist Chant (8:16)
06. Huang Pu River Ferry Ride (11:17)



GFR 004

Daniel del Rio | resonant

01. Sant Feliu (resonant hill)
02. Sant Feliu (resonant rocks)
03. Turbulence (resonant cab)
04. Berber women association of argan oil
05. Ferryboat

(total running time: 10:12)



GFR 003

JM Charcot | Cambodge

01. Cambodge (09:25)



GFR 002

François-Emmanuel Fodéré | Hampi

01. Hampi (46:37)



GFR 001

MZ-N710 | Paysages Imaginaires 5 

01. Coq (01:58)

02. Olseau et moutons (01:58)

03. Départ des hirondelles (00:42)

04. Dialogue d'oiseaux (03:25)

05. Merle (02:23)

06. Insectes et buses (01:06)

07. Sauterelle (00:47)

08. Sound Art Installation (05:42)

09. Cloches des vaches (03:02)

10. Ruisseau (02:03)

11. Ruisseau (03:12)

12. Mer (06:45)

13. Vent (05:26)

14. Tronçonneuses (02:02)

15. Chouettes (05:33)





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