Green Field Recordings

GFR 096

MZ-N710 Chemins de Montagne

01. Basse-cour avec tourtrelles (09.03.14)

02. Ruisseau et grive musicienne (28.04.14)

03. Oiseaux chemin des Bachassières à la Borie (04.05.14)

04. Source des Beaux (24.10.13)

05. Ruisselet chemin des Beaux (24.10.13)

06. Roue de moulin (30.10.13)

07. Vent d'automme (22.10.13)

08. Ruiseau et vent (22.10.13)

09. Grive musicienne et moutons (28.04.14)

10. Fontaine la bonne font (24.10.13)

11. Ruisselet Sous les Chemins (26.10.13)

12. Mélancolie (3) (01.05.13)

13. Grillons (17.07.13)

14. Sauterelles (09.08.13)

15. Genêts et sauterelles la Borie (22.08.13)

16. Sauterelles les Buges (22.08.13)

Total Running Time: 50:79

"Here are pieces recorded in Auvergne mountains, France, from may 2013 to april 2014. Chosen moments of nature life along paths, springs and streams. Beginning with doves in a poultry-yard, the walk will lead tou to trails where few people go, more than 1100 meters high. Autumn wind whistles through firs and ash-trees. Hear the song thrush, the wren, the chaffinch; in the heat of August, grasshoppers surround you as you break through the brooms.

This record is dedicated to the memories of Sébastien F. and Roger M."



GFR 095

VA green field recordings | world listening day 2015 | water

Alessandro Ragazzo - The lagoon accompanies workers and rowers (05:31) (Italy)

Anthony Magen - Lyrebird pon Badgers (04:41) (Australia)

Atilio Doreste - Jover natural Swimming pool (05:00) (Spain)

Balam Ronan - Isla en Fuga / Marielys Lely Burgos (03:20) (Mexico)

Chris Lynn - Bay sounds (04:55) (USA)

Claudio Attonito - See Ya (06:42) (Italy)

Dallas Simpson - The Adoration Of Water (10:00) (UK)

David Prescott-Steed - Psychoactive Beverage Ritual (03:30) (Australia)

Emilia Badala - Pozzo-waterhole (02:29) (Italy)

EugeneKha - Playground On The River Bank (03:15) (Russia)

FÈlix BLUME - Rain in Mexico City on 18th of July 2015 (07:25) (Mexico)

Flavien Gilliè - Chateau de Beersel (04:33) (Belgium)

FUHRER DUHRER - A Nymph’s Omen (04:34) (Portugal)

Jeremy Hegge - H20 At Gunnamatta Bay, NSW, Australia (06:59)

Jose Maria Pastor Sanchez - En la ducha (06:23) (Spain)

Julia Drouhin - Snow Flake Record (05:57) (France/Tasmania)

Kate Ogley and Timothy Crowley - Pool (04:14) (UK)

Luís Antero - Rio Alva (Coja) (06:00) (Portugal)

Marta Amaro - Aquário (01:56) (Portugal)

Montserrat Rodríguez aka nyx10110 - Waiting for the waves (10:00) (Spain)

Timothy Crowley - A Walk in the Rain (04:12) (UK)

Toni Dimitrov - Lagadin, Ohrid lake (04:56) (Macedonia)

World Listener - Too quiet for today… (09:17) (Japan)

Green Field Recordings joins, for the 4th year, the World Listening Project, through World Listening Day, with another field recording sound compilation, this year under the theme "Water".

A very special thanks to all the participating artists!



GFR 094

Alessandro Ragazzo Lagoon Submerged

01. Murano island (06:50)

02. Rain in garden Cappello Soranzo_Venezia (07:53)

03. San Francesco field of the Vigna__Venezia (09:41)

04. Walking Burano island (08:31)

05. Wind island of sant. Erasmo (10:03)

Lagoon submerged and the fruit of several recordings and moments of life, caught in Venice deserted, emptied from the noisy mass tourism, also hidden places and rarely accessible as the garden of Palace Soranzo Cappello located in Rio Marin, Garden of romantic style, with a large assortment of plants and vegetation; Venice or the victim of an impending storm in the field san.

Francesco della Vigna, noise of leaves that mixes the sound of rain ... Moments of a city with many contradictions, delicate balance between water, noise and less place of silence and reflection.

Lagoon submerged by what? (by whom?) This goes to capture delicate present, collected and stolen in hidden places, a "hunting" that took me several months even in the islands of Murano and Burano.

Alessandro Ragazzo


GFR 093

Konstantin Popov Caucasus roads

01. Xaquani Street (1:21)
02. Road to Baku (1:17)
03. Road to Qala (1:29)
04. Road to Svaneti (6:01)
05. Mig (2:30)

This work was created on Georgian and Azerbaydjan road. Random voices, sounds from old cassette player in the car, the wind coming down from the mountains and clouds. Lots of clouds and dust.




GFR 092

Robert Kroos The Sounds of Hokkaido

01: 00.00 DJ Rebel Musical @ Rising Sun Festival

02: 00.16 MC Mango @ Weird Meddle Record Store

03: 01.55 Collage of Shopping Malls & JR Tower, Sapporo

04: 05.22 Nakajima Park

05: 06.12 Hokkaido Shrine

06: 06.48 Collage of pachinko and game halls

07: 13.15 Toyohira River Fireworks Festival

08: 17.27 Asahigaoka Forest, Kutchan

09: 15.54 Improvisation @ Niseko Goshiki Onsen Bashi Steel Bridge

10: 18.00 Ooyunuma Big Onsen @ Niseko

11: 19.37 Improvisation for Prepared Koto and Onsen

12: 21.30 Fukushima Project Bon Odori Sapporo International Art Festival with Yoshihide Otomo band

13: 26.18 Yukata Dancing Circle @ Hokkai Bon Odori

14: 33.48 Ainu warriors dance @ Chip Sanke Festival Nibutani

15: 35.33 Ainu songs by Ma Rew Rew and OKI (Dub Ainu Band) @ Chip Sanke festival Nibutani

16: 45.16 Waterwheel at Hoheikyo Onsen

17: 51.07 Washing inside Hoheikyo Onsen

18: 53.27 Lake Toya Shore

19: 57.40 Improvisation for Djembe, Steel Tunnel and 3 Persons

All recorded by Robert Kroos, July and August 2014 Hokkaido, Japan

Track 9,10 and 19 together with Ran Akutsu and Yasuyuki Shimanuki.

Special thanks to Sada & Cosima Oka, Yasuyuki Shimanuki & Ran Akutsu and Junichi Oguro.

And in general thanks to all the wonderful and kind people of Hokkaido.




GFR 091

Benjamin Bishop The Coast of Ecola State Park

01. The Coast of Ecola State Park (16:00) 

This recording took place on 14 July 2014 in Ecola State Park, Oregon at a location just about 50 meters off the  beach, deep within an old growth fir forest. The Swainson Thrush sings  against the background of the Pacific Ocean, as the ocean’s waves come  in and out of time with the bird’s glassy call. It was captured just after twilight, as the forest was quieting down.



GFR 090

The Kiriks Tropical Rainforest

01. Black Ecology (05:52)
02. Cendrawasih (03:16)
03. Congo Pygmies (05:00)
04. Dayak (05:42)
05. El Niño-Southern Oscillation (05:10)
06. Theory of Pleistocene Refugia (03:30)



GFR 089

Mikołaj Hernik | In Dubrovnik

01. In Dubrovnik (30:00)

Dubrovnik is a medieval port city in Croatia. A massive limestone fortress. A massive tourist attraction. Its city walls are home to impressive colony of swallows. The idea for this recording was to capture the sound of both the birds and the rock in a single long take, from a single listening spot, despite people. But in fact people proved invaluable. Recorded between 5:30 am and 6 am, on Sunday, 25th of May 2014, at the stairs of Sv. Dominic church in a narrow cobbled street that leads along the walls to a city gate.





GFR 088

Atilio Doreste & José Guillén | Desgel

01. Desgel (30:03)

Atilio Doreste (field recordings, photography)

José Guillén (synthesizers)

Electroacoustic interpretation of José Guillén, through free improvisation, from a soundwalking recorded by Atilio Doreste in Valle de Nuria in Catalonia.

Nuria Valley (Catalán: Vall de Nuria) is a Pyrenean valley located in the municipality of Queralbs, in the Catalan province of Girona (Spain). Located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, this valley is accessible via a cog railway (Cremallera de Nuria, FGC). However, this time, was accessed by following one of the hiking trails that reach Nuria. The phonographic aspect of Doreste's work  faced with a highly silent soundscape, in the morning hours of thawing, between the slopes of the valley. The chamois stealthily crossing slopes, while on the sky, crossing the huge local vultures. It is thin and monosyllable, the occasional chirping of a robin next to the pine forest, rough and scarce irruption of a crow. The sound of water, dominates the nearby places to the slow thaw. It is challenging to interpret such a calm and clear context. Synthesizer sounds by José Guillén, provide the necessary dialogue phonography so we can understand this piece. Doing this, methodologies are those that combine field recordings with free improvisation. We have here the right measure, to disconnect from the cosmopolitan stress, bringing us these feelings of calm from the detailed, careful, and close listening.





GFR 087

Dallas Simpson | Balsam

01. Balsam (39:12)

This work features improvisation with the invasive plant Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera). Renown for its exploding seed heads and hollow resonant stems, offering plenty of opportunities for spatial sonic improvisations in the context of a tranquil environment adjacent to the River Trent near the village of Gunthorpe, Nottinghamshire, UK.

Two sessions were performed and recorded live on 5th September, 8 to 9am, and 7th September, 7 to 8am, 2014. The first session featured an extensive walk in exploring the surrounding environment followed by gentle hand improvisation and stronger footwork with the Balsam. The second session explored percussive techniques with the stems using found tree branches as beaters. Each tap released a shower of water drops and cascades of exploding seeds in all directions. This produced excellent sonic spatials and microtonal emissions from the stems surrounded by a wonderful early morning environmental soundscape, and followed by an atmospheric walk out.

This work features two binaural recordings of the natural soundscape plus interactive environmental performance using found objects live on location, each recorded in a single take. It has been created as various layered mixes of the two original live recordings. Whilst some corrective EQ has been applied, there is no additional processing used and all the sounds heard are of environmental origin.

Both sessions were recorded binaurally using custom modified in-ear mics to sample my hearing. Headphones are essential for the full surround sound experience You are effectively listening through my ears.

Dallas Simpson

November 2014



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