Green Field Recordings

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GFR 128

Deep Dive Sound| Postcards From The Jungle

01. River Boat (01:01)

02. Dance of Termites (00:39)

03. Call of the Guibons (02:45)

04. Chirps & texts from a lowland forest (05:42)

05. Bamboo rain (02:06)

06. Waiting for the storm (10:13)

07. Nightfall (10:47)

This is a sound journey into the jungle in Vietnam. 

Field recordings made in one single day, from early morning 'till late at night.

This is a sound journey into the unknown. We must listen to these wonderful sound recordings with creative ears.

The unknown is near us now. The unknown have a sound identity.

This is a sound journey.

Style: Field Recordings//Soundscape
Original photos: Deep Dive Sound
Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2019
GFR 128



GFR 127

Nicholas Maloney & Jon-Michael Platt | Lux Clamorque


01. R, p (03:47)

02. O, v (04:45)

03. Y, 8 (04:09)

04. G, I (07:57)

05. B, W (04:53)

06. V, Z (05:29)

"Lux Clamorque” is a collaboration in audio and photography between sound artist, Nicholas Maloney, and photographer, Jon-Michael Platt. Field recordings were taken in Jackson and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Photographs were taken in Hattiesburg and Petal, Mississippi. 

Nicholas Maloney is a sound artist and musician based out of Jackson, MS. 

Jon-Michael Platt is a scholar and photographer based out of Hattiesburg, MS.

Style: Field Recordings//Soundscape/Sound Composition
Original photos: 
Jon-Michael Platt
Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2019
GFR 127






GFR 126

VA - Green Field Recordings | World Listening Day 2019


01. Cory Ryan - who's listening with (for Max Neuhaus)

02. Deep Dive Sound_Rafael Diogo - Chirps & Texts From a Lowland Forest

03. Duncan Chapman - Insects Bamboo & distant surf

04. Francesco Accardi - Night Crickets in Noto Valley

05. Harry Sumner - Lage Terrace Ancora

06. Katharina Schmidt - Where The Tree Falls

07. Luís Antero - Caterredor

08. Piet Schen - Acorns Falling

09. Richard Devine - Bee Recording

10. Roberto Vodanović Čopor - On The Island

11. Thomas Park - Jury Duty 4_The Fifth Floor

12. Tomáš Šenkyřík  - Placek 2019

+ info:

Artist: Various Artists
Style: Field Recordings//Soundscape
Original photos: WLP
Artwork: WLP/GFR

(cc) 2019
GFR 126


GFR 125
Francesco Lenzi  - Small Country Sounds


01. A Walk Thru Castiglion Fibocchi (09:46)

02. rainy day & church bells (08:33)

03. radio excerpts (07:53)

04. motorcycle sound (from old tape) (00:05)

05. tribute to john cage (guitar tuning,harmonics & pc writing) (04:34)

06. winter '74 (edit) (01:26)

07. Old TV Broadcast (1974  circa-from tape) (00:11)

08. Old Radio Announcement (1969) (00:04)

09. phon (02:30)

10. space heater & bathtub (09:08)

11. sleep (excerpt) (04:52)

12. sink (00:06)

13. walk, wind, cars, dogs (02:18)

14. castiglioni by late evening (04:15)

15. conversation fragments (01:17)

16. dinner conversation 1 (07:06)

17. dinner conversation2 (08:00)

18. dinner conversation 3 (07:45)

19. morning blackbird singing (07:01)

I've always been fascinated by sound, in every form and category.
Since I was a kid, I recorded not only music from every source, but sounds too.
After all these years, I discovered the magic world of field recordings: this was great, because I felt that wasn't alone!
So I started to record some sounds and noises in the small country where I live, but not only.
In this research, I've re-discovered some mysterious tracks from old dusty tapes I have - and I also enclosed some excerpts here.

Track Listing explanation:
tracks 1, 2, 13 & 14 were recorded between september and december 2018 in my small country, to capture some familiar feelings.
Tracks 5, 9, 10, 11 & 12 were recorded in my house (see below for datation): there are some home noises that I've found funny to listen and record.
In particular, track 11 sleeping!
Tracks 15, 16, 17, 18 are excerpts from recordings made by my father Elio with a dictaphone during a funny dinner.
There are a bit unintelligible,but fascinating.
These are only an excerpt of a more than 3 hour 'conversation fun documentary' that probably I will realize in the future.
Tracks 4, 6, 7, 8 are taken from old dusty tapes from my family recorded in 1974/75 (except for the motor fragment, taken from an unknown broadcast by me in '92)
In particular 06 & 98 are taken from a mysterious tape found in tuscany woods;"Winter '74" is a recording that I've found really fascinating since I was a kid.
I discovered when I was 6 or 7, probably is an unintelligible private conversation or some recording test from some TV or radio broadcast in '74.
In origin track was more longer, because there was some radio music excerpts too, but for obvious reasons, I've selected only the interested part.
Track 3 was recorded in october 2018 and it's me recording some weird radio stations noises, from arabia, france, urss, etc.
Hope you will enjoy these humble tracks: this will not be an isolate episode, but - I hope - the first of a long series.
I dedicated this work to my girlfriend, family and to a few closest friends: they deserve it, because they always sustain me with enthusiasm.
Peace. Enjoy it! And remember:sound is music too, everything is sound.

Francesco Lenzi

Style: Field Recordings//Soundscape
Original photos: Francesco Lenzi
Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2019
GFR 125

GFR 124
José Manuel Páez Moncaleano  - Strata
01. Baumschicht (05:51)
02. Strauchschit (05:23)
03. Bodenschicht (13:52)

'Strata' explores the concept of forestal stratification. So for the same habitat you will listen three different sound perspectives. One from the top of the trees perspective, one from the mid trees level and one from the bottom ground of the forest. All the field recordings were taken on small trip to Villavicencio, Colombia, South America. 

Style: Field Recordings//Soundscape
Original photos: José Manuel Páez Moncaleano
Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2019
GFR 124

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