Green Field Recordings


GFR 086

The Sunken Hum | On the Edge of the Bog: A Day in Three Acts (The Sunken Hum, Volume 2)

01. Day (21:15)
02. Twilight (19:51)
03. Night (16:36)

I live in a house set in the middle of a bog that is surrounded by woods which are edged by fields and fairy hills and lakes that fall and rise with the rains. Sometimes the clouds sit gray and heavy like a big blanket in the sky and all the cattle lay in the field, droopy eyed, beneath them. Sometimes the fox sneaks up the driveway and steals the chickens. In autumn, the cows cry back and forth when the farmer takes their calves away. In spring, the elusive cuckoo comes calling for his mate. The tractors rumble all through the warm summer twilight and with winter the fire crackles and the hot water pipes lull and drone. And all through the year the rain plays rhythms everywhere it falls. All of these tracks are taken from a daily sound diary I kept in 2013 in which I recorded two minutes of my surroundings everyday and then published these to the world. I embarked on this phonographic archive with a voyeuristic curiosity that stemmed from a fascination with how people routinely spend their time. I figured the easiest way to satiate this curiosity was by dissecting my own typical day. On these tracks, I've patched together common sounds from my life in Leitrim (a sparsely populated county in the Northwest of Ireland) in the hopes of creating a tapestry of my day.

Natalia Beylis



GFR 085

Jeremy Hegge | The Coast of Cape Tribulation

01. The Coast of Cape Tribulation (33:15)

A composition of four recordings made on the coast of cape tribulation in Daintree National Park. Two above water and two under it. Littoral rainforest at midday, inside mason's creek, by a mangrove swamp on Emmagen beach, inside a rock crevice at the beginning of the sea.



GFR 084

EugeneKha | Sound Fragments of a Village

01. Morning in a country house (04:08)
02. Wood day (05:34)
03. Chainsaw (01:36)
04. Picnic soundscape (29:52)
05. Evening from picnic in a country house (05:05)
06. Return to the city (02:14)



GFR 083

Chris Silver T | Last Day Damage View

01. Last Day Damage View (19:05)

This piece was recorded on December 31st 2013, a rainy day. On returning to my little cottage after a really relaxing walk in the countryside, I came upon an unpleasant surprise: the floor of my living room was ruined, having been flooded by the rain. The first thing that came to mind was to grab my portable recorder and record the sounds all around me, and after some editing to try to express what I felt at that moment.

Chris Silver T



GFR 082

VA | Green Field Recordings | World Listening Day 2014

01 - Balam Ronan - Preparando Café (03:44)

02 - Field Abuse (Claudio Curciotti) - Ramadam Karim (04:29)

03 - James Kwi – Bubbling (04:59)

04 - Juanjo Palacios - Filtraciones (05:07)

05 - Marcus Beuter - Car Wash (05:58)

06 - Marcus Neves - Itapoa - Brazil vs Croatia_Second Goal (05:00)

07 - Robin Parmar - Ribeira Tunnel (05:59)

08 - Pablo Sanz - 49°17'53N 18°45'39E (03:30)

09 - Atilio Doreste - Los Silos (06:00)

10 - Jean-Baptiste Masson - Wasp nest in the ground (04:22)

11 - Mikael Layoura - Rayane & Ilias Playing in The Patio (05:35)

12 - Enrique Maraver - Parque Representativo, Ciudad de México (03:42)

13 – Alejandro Cornejo Montibeller – Catedral de Lima y Campana de las once (05:51)

14 – Artificial Memory Trace – Crowgress (04:13)

15 – Apenino – Fuegos de Bouzas (03:08)

16 - Ricardo Paraíso Silvestre - Elevador da Bica (04:40)

17 – Ckatsiris – Thunderstorm Pagrati (03:32)

18 – Luís Antero – Ponte Medieval (03:20)

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GFR 081

Fabio R. Lattuca | Zingaro, Ecological Hotspot

01. Zingaro, Ecological Hotspot (26:12)

L’area dello Zingaro (lat. 38.087251, long. 12.804901) – riserva naturale e come tale sottrazione dal territorio antropizzato 1 – rappresenta uno degli ecosistemi maggiormente integri e ricchi della zona costiera della Sicilia nord-occidentale. L’area mediterranea, in cui essa ricade, è stata definita in questi ultimi anni “hot-spot per la biodiversità”2, nonostante le continui azioni dell’uomo intacchino il suo equilibrio. Tali caratteri rendono ben evidenti, chiari e definiti quei livelli di sovrapposizione tra elementi (antropofonie, biofonie, geofonie) che si realizzano in un pattern complesso definito, “sonotope”3. (...)
Fabio R. Lattuca
(see pdf book for more info)

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GFR 080

Regular Joe aka Joe Stevens | imminent at every window

01. imminent at every window 1 (03:12)
02. imminent at every window 2 (05:13)
03. imminent at every window 3 (06:41)

This album is made up of location recordings that I captured during my development for film soundtracks I created last year. The films were constructed from a GPS recorded walk on Portland and the location recordings were captured at various points along this walk. These location recordings were substantially processed to make the resulting soundtracks to match the visuals. The resulting soundtracks were released on the Electronic Musik net label (North West 6 to Gale 8 (Em194) -

However I kept coming back to the original location recordings of the wind wiping around Portland Harbour and have mixed them together, keeping closer to the original source material to form this new album of three tracks.

Joe Stevens

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GFR 079

Virgilio Oliveira | Picos de Urbión, the source of the Duero

01. Picos de Urbión, the source of the Duero (36:49)

"The river Duero/Douro stands as a natural monument, a liquid pyramid which transcends our individual mortality. The recordings captured along its course are but small memories of its timeless journey; aural slices of a continuous natural cycle.
Picos de Urbión, the source of its earthly journey, is a glacier carved mountain massif in the spanish provinces of Soria and Burgos. At 2228 meters of altitude, its peak is one of the highest points in the Sistema Ibérico (Iberean System), a main system of mountain ranges in Spain.
"Picos de Urbión, the source of the Duero"  is a composition of field recordings captured in May, 2013, throughout the area, focusing on the Duero and its delicate, yet brutal descent. High in the mountain, a landscape covered with snow begins to melt, giving place to small streams which gradually combine into a fierce body of water, descending through forests, stopping at lagoons, encountering small villages.
The natural setting is breath taking.
More on the sounds of the Duero/Douro at
Virgilio Oliveira

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GFR 078

Tony Whitehead | Church

01. Intro (02:33)
02. Seed pod (03:27)
03. Stick and Stone (06:42)
04. Sticks on Floor (02:48)
05. Stones (03:16)
06. Wall (02:41)
07. Final (02:50)

These short improvisations were made on site at West Ogwell Church in Devon (UK) with objects found in the churchyard. The church itself is medieval, and unusually has not been altered significantly since it was built. It is a wonderfully quiet and contemplative location.
Tony Whitehead

(including a pdf book)


GFR 077

David Prescott-Steed | Tropical Wildlife Habitat

01. Tropical Wildlife Habitat (60:00)

During a trip to far north tropical Queensland (a remote part of Australia) in July of 2013, my wife and I took our 16 month old daughter to the Port Douglas wildlife habitat. I made a 60 minute sound recording of our walk around the 8 acres (2 hectares) of parkland. In this soundwalk it is possible to hear birds, tourists, gates opening and closing between areas, the habitat boardwalk, road traffic sounds in the distance, and a broad range of soundmarks that bleed through the boundaries between the inside and the outside of the space. Throughout the soundwalk, it is also possible to hear my wife and I talking to each other and to our daughter who, at one point (and just learning to speak) can be heard mimicking a bird song that she has encountered. (Perhaps typical of the 'family outing experience', the walk comes to an end when her energy levels wane.) As a result, this unprocessed recording is as much about listening to wildlife as it is about listening to a cultural negotiation of nature. Although they can be described as 'natural settings', wildlife habitats are not naturally occurring; this one in particular is a cultivated ecotourist and immersive conservation space in which people can, for a fee, gain convenient access to fauna that have become habituated to human presence. In these kinds of spaces, culture is a tool by which nature is given meaninga product of intervention into nature that includes adults communicating/teaching ideas about nature to children, as well as the use of digital technologies for taking pictures of animals and for making sound works such as this.
David Prescott-Steed

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GFR 076

MZ-N710 | Moulins

01. Moulin Crozet, Montceaux 16 09 2012
02. Moulin de Sayat 22 07 2012
03. Babillard de la meule, moulin du Val d'Amour, Vaudrey 1 06 2013
04. Transmissions, moulin du Val d'Amour, Vaudrey 1 06 2013
05. Transmissions, moulin de Torcieu 16 06 2013
06. Roue du moulin de l'Etang, Bourg-Lastic 21 07 2013
07. Bluterie du moulin portatif, Bourg-Lastic 21 07 2013
08. Moulin portatif et tracteur, Bourg-Lastic 21 07 2013
09. Machine à sabots, Bourg-Lastic 21 07 2013
10. Machines au moulin de l'Etang, Bourg-Lastic 9 08 2011
11. Ruisseau "la Suisse", Cerdon 19 02 2011
12. Fontaine, cuivrerie de Cerdon 19 02 2011
13. Atelier des tours, cuivrerie de Cerdon 19 02 2011
14. Tour à repousser, cuivrerie de Cerdon 19 02 2011
15. Martinets, cuivrerie de Cerdon 19 02 2011
16. Salle de l'étamage, cuivrerie de Cerdon 19 02 2011
17. Cascade, cuivrerie de Cerdon 19 02 2011

total running time: 52:25

My brother Jean, enthusiast about watermills, introduced me to that peculiar world. So I began to record sounds inside watermills. Each one, of course, has its own particular sounds.
The first recording on this album is from Crozet watermill near Montceaux (Ain), in the Saône valley. It used to produce food for animals, and has been very carefully restored by a family who opens it twice a year for visitors.
The second piece has been recorded in Sayat (Puy-de-Dôme) during the feast of mills organised by the association ARAM Auvergne on july 22, 2012. There too the mill, restored by Volvic Sources et Volcans, has to become a living museum.
In Vaudrey (Jura), the Val d'Amour watermill still produces flour for bakery. I visited it with the association "les Amis des Moulins de l'Ain" on june 1, 2013.
The watermill of Torcieu near Ambérieu-en-Bugey (Ain) is closed since 1982. The owner and her daughter opened it to the public on june 16, 2013. The turbine is still working.
In Bourg-Lastic (Puy-de-Dôme) the Etang watermill used to grind stone for dyeworks. It is now a museum owned by the president of association ARAM Auvergne. I recorded there four sounds during the feast of mills of the association on july 21, 2013, and the machines inside the mill on august 9, 2011.
You can here the waterwheel while a folkloric group is playing, a mobile flour mill run by a tractor and a machine making wooden shoes.
The cuivrerie of Cerdon (Ain) is a world unique 19th century copperworks, ran by a waterwheel. Closed since 2010, it will open again in the future.
I thank all associations and owners of mills who have permitted the recordings.


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GFR 075

MZ-N710 | Le Cévenol

01. Le Cévenol, départ de Clermont-Ferrand
02. Entre Issoire et Brassac-les-Mines (1)
03. Entre Issoire et Brassac-les-Mines (2)
04. Arvant
05. Prochain arrêt Langeac
06. Dans les gorges de l'Allier
07. Départ du train à Langogne
08. Le Langouyrou
09. Filature des Calquières : le déversoir
10. Filature des Calquières : la mule jenny
11. Filature des Calquières : les cardes (1)
12. Filature des Calquières : les cardes (2)
13. Locomotive diesel BB 67616 à Clermont-Ferrand

total running time: 1:01:13

In 2012, on the 7th and 8th of August, I travelled from Clermont-Ferrand to Langogne, a beautiful city of Lozère. I took the formerly called "le Cévenol" train that runs from Clermont-Ferrand to Marseilles. The line, mostly a single one, passes through magnificent landscapes of Margeride and Cévennes mountains, following the impressive gorges of Allier river between the towns of Langeac and Langogne. In the last one I visited the spinning-mill museum "les Calquières" that kept all its machines in working order, ran by a water wheel. The most interesting of them is a very rare 19th century mule jenny. It was a marvelous journey from which I brought some peculiar sounds you can discover here.


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GFR 074

Paulo Faria | Sons Ferroviários (PT 2001)

01. 1500_Pinhal Novo
02. 2600_Lisboa
03. 5600_Entroncamento
04. 1500_Entroncamento
05. 5600_Entroncamento
06. Alfa Pendular_Entroncamento
07. 1400_Tua
08. Avisos Sonoros_Entroncamento
09. Avisos Sonoros_Entroncamento
10. Avisos Sonoros_Entroncamento
11. Avisos Sonoros_Entroncamento
12. 2600_Alhandra
13. 2501_Lisboa
14. 2600_Setil
15. 5600_Setil
16. 5600_Vale de Santarém
17. 5600_Vale de Santarém
18. 2600_Vale de Santarém
19. Alfa Pendular_Lisboa
20. Alfa Pendular_Lisboa
21. 2600_Lisboa
22. 2600_Lisboa
23. Alfa Pendular_Lisboa
24. 2600_Entroncamento
25. Alfa Pendular_2600_Entroncamento
26. Manobras_Entroncamento
27. Manobras_Entroncamento
28. Manobras_Entroncamento
29. 2600_Entroncamento
30. 5600_Entroncamento
31. 1550_Entroncamento
32. 5600_Setil
33. 5600_Entroncamento
34. 1960_Entroncamento
35. Manobras_Entroncamento
36. 2600_Entroncamento
37. 2600_Entroncamento
38. 2600_Entroncamento
39. 5600_Entroncamento
40. Manobras_Entroncamento
41. Manobras_1550_Entroncamento
42. Alfa Pendular_Entroncamento
43. 2550_Alfarelos
44. 2500_Gaia
45. 5600_Setil
46. 2600_Vale de Santarém
47. 5600_1550_Entroncamento
48. 5600_1550_Setil
49. 1800_Barreiro
50. 1400_Barreiro
51. Avisos Sonoros_Barreiro
52. Nohab_Barreiro
53. 1400_2500_Ermesinde
54. 5600_1400_2550_Gaia
55. 2550_Gaia
56. Mercadorias_Gaia
57. 1400_Tua
58. 1400_Tua
59. 2550_Entroncamento
60. 2600_Valadares
61. Mercadorias_Gaia

total running time: 1:01:13

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