Green Field Recordings

Durán Vázquez

Edu Comelles

Stuart Fowkes


Alessio Degani

NOISE investigator, researcher, DSP algorithm developer. Always attracted by music and objects that generate peculiar sounds. 
Joined my first band around the year 2000 with some friends, with the sole purpose of making music together. Meanwhile, the interest in technical side of sound production, such as the mechanics of musical instruments and recording techniques has increased.
My formal training in engineering deeply influenced the way I approach and conceive music production. Academic studies and music research finally overlapped leading to the Ph.D. in Music Information Retrieval. This gave me the opportunity to join the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) in Paris, where I worked as visiting researcher in the Analysis/Synthesis team. This experience has deeply marked my way of perceiving and experiencing the nature of sound and noise.
Currently my research focuses mainly on data-driven synthesis techniques, sonification, generative music, concrete music with real time/delayed time parameter manipulation. Recently I have grown fond of field recording, in particular when applied to ephemeral sound documents that are not easy to perceive by ear. 

Juan José Calarco

Verónica Cerrotta

Roberto Vodanović Čopor

Roberto Vodanović Čopor is a multimedia artist from Zadar, Croatia. Born in Split in 1970. He released the music for various independent publishers from the region but also from Europe and America. In his music he often combines the sounds of nature or the sounds of cities, and as a background he uses the sounds created from everyday objects. He has published three collections of poetry "Insomnia", "Almost a Little Book",  "Walls are barking". His poetry has been included in several collections of the group of authors. He publishes poetry on various regional portals for culture and art. He is also an author or co-author of several performances that he often performs as part of his concerts. So far, he has had several exhibitions of his art works. He has exhibited at several group exhibitions.




Nicholas Maloney (USA)

Nicholas Maloney is a sound artist, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and recording engineer from Jackson, Mississippi. He earned his bachelor's degree in Recording Industry Production from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2017.  For the past 6 years, he has been working in the areas of drone, ambient, musique concrète, and electroacoustics. Nicholas creates recordings that he feels can provoke emotion, while at the same time offering a pallet of sound that can be used to practice the rewarding act of deep listening. He looks to challenge the listeners’ focus and perception of sound. Much of his work explores the textural nature of sound within a framework of progressing and evolving compositions. He is interested in the interaction among texture, sound, and space.  

Under his full name, Nicholas Maloney creates and releases compositions using field recordings, found sounds, and a variety of processing and audio transformation techniques. 

His primary project, Blanket Swimming, explores experimental/ambient/and drone compositions using guitar, synthesizers, tape manipulation, field recordings, voice, and other instrumentation. Blanket Swimming has the rare talent of straddling both melancholy drones and uplifting melodies, striking lasting emotional impression by exercising the construction/destruction of stereo drones with found sounds and often ethereal vocals. Blanket Swimming is constantly pushing the boundaries by trying to create a world of sound that has not yet been explored.


Nicholas Maloney / Blanket Swimming

Jon-Michael Platt

Francesco Lenzi (IT)

I'm a guitarist from Arezzo,Tuscany.

I've always been a music fan-I play guitar since adolescence.

Currently I am playing with those projects:Quinta stagione (Pop/funk),Once in A lifetime (Alternative rock) and Donnie's Leach (experimental amnbient).

By solo-ist,I made some albums doing some researchs in sound,in a space between psychedelia,blues and ambient.

I'm working on a new website,but at the moment you can find me here:

or contact me

Thanks for enjoying my work and for listening.

Jose Manuel Páez Moncaleano (CO)

Sound tinkerer and musician based in Colombia, his work explores human-non human interactions in creative processes. Studied Sonic Arts at SARC, Northern Ireland and very now and then gets lost into the sonic world.


Since early years interested by sound, his techniques and knowledge develop relating immersive sound diffusion in space and practice connecting to other kinds of media, as paintings, sculpture, motion picture, performance and theatre. His research focus on neuroscience, soundscape, sound effects, composition, acoustic ecology, acoustics and psychoacoustics dealing with communication. 
Having his own musical projects (electronic/down-tempo/techno - "Y Basics", Noise/ambient/electroacoustic - "Dr. Bruits", and acoustic portuguese music - "Bica sem gelo") he has also interest in interactivity using programming ambients that has led to the manipulation of field recordings and recorded sound samples to produce real-time sound pieces for installations and also for the creation of experimental poetics and textures in a musical and performative context. 

In the current year he has been involved in projects regarding documentary and fiction/drama films in the sound department (as boom operator, sound recordist, field recordist, film score composition and sound designer) with DocNomads students, Caracol Protagonista, Lda., and other independent companies and filmmakers.

B. D. Symonds (UK)

British sound artist, composer, DJ and musician based in London, England. Working with both electronic and recorded sound, as well as traditional instrumentation, he has composed works for film, theatre, radio and record, and produced sound for mixed media installations that have been exhibited at renowned institutes such as The Design Museum (London), Art Basel (Miami), and Palazzo Delle Esposizioni (Rome). He holds an MMus in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths College, London, where he specialized in phonography, soundscape composition, and acoustic ecology. He is also the founder of Studio 58, a boutique production house offering bespoke audio solutions for a wide range of media applications.


patrick tubin mcginley (aka murmer) is a sound, performance, and radio artist based in estonia. his work is about smalldiscoveries and concentrated attention; it focuses on the unnoticed but extraordinary sounds that surround us. he works with spaces, objects, resonances and people in composition, performance or simply collective action, in the exploration of perception via attentive listening.


Traveller, nomad...

Rafal Flejter

Rafal Flejter also performing under name aRF is a sound artist that focuses on creating sonic sculptures, ambient, drone, noise, experimental, art, over toned structures, contemporary sound landscape, with use of heavily processed found sounds, field recordings, laptop, flutes, tape and voice.

aRf studied sound art and design in London, where he begun search for his own voice and expression in sonic reality. At present continues to develop his own sound based strictly on found sounds/field recordings as well as experimenting with quadrophonic performative compositions.


Fernando Ribeiro

Fernando Ribeiro believes Time and Borders are pseudo-entities to be abolished, hence he doesn't care where or when he was born. So far he has been experimenting with photography, guitar, field recordings, writing and wandering around by bicycle, sometimes all at the same time. He has an amazing amount of unfinished and diverse projects in his hard drive, inside a single folder called "New Folder (1)"


Martin Rach

James Kent (UK)

James is an interdisciplinary sonic ethnographer, sound artist, field recorder researcher and sometimes lecturer. He has worked and curated on a number projects around Liverpool and the Wirral peninsula where he is currently based with his wife and two young daughters. Current project includes exploring his own resonant memories through a series of interaction with the surrounding landscape. 


James Osland
(New Zealand)

Composer, sound artist, visual artist and photographer. My work explores the relationships between sound, memory and place. 



music studio project [existence_sounds] founder by Stephen Mc Cann (Prang Ruin) and Kirill Makushin (When We Live,Fake Cats Project) in summer 2013.

2013 (Under name Stephen Mc Cann & Kirill Makushin)

The first record's of the [existence_sounds] went under the name "When We Live"
on split album "Uruk-Hai / When We Live" in july.

In August, together with the german musician and participant "Nam-Khar" (Ritual/Dark Ambient / Drone) Konchog Gyaltsen aka KG recorded single under name "Ice Remake"
In September on US Drone / Ambient netlabel "Buddhist On Fire" release first mini-album (Not EP) "Extended Play".

In Mini-Album "Extended Play" include 3 tracks with split "Uruk-Hai / When We Live" and track with single "Ice Remake".

2016 (Under name [existence_sounds])

In April by tradition [existence_sounds] on Russian Ambient netlabel 45 Echoes Sounds realese EP [one_EP] includes 3 tracks from the full-length album "The Biography Of Industrial City".

In November on portuguese field recording netlabel "Green Field Recordings" out now realese debut full-length album "The Biography Of Industrial City".

"The Biography Of Industrial City"  include mixing acoustic instruments with noise city (field recordings).

Paolo Gàiba Riva

Alpine boy and traveller.

Active in the european harsh noise scene with his solo project PGR. Plays also clarinet in various electro-acoustic situations.

Avid mountain and forest walker, stopped to take pictures as soon as he'd got his handy recorder, starting to capture both nature and city sounds.

His aim is to make people aware of the sounds which surround us. The ones we hear (and never listen to) either during our daily duties or when we go somewhere special, for a slower and more conscious lifetime.

Presents his field recordings works in completely dark rooms.



Corwin Trails (USA)



Joseph Young (UK)



Alexander Baker (UK)



Alessandro Ragazzo (Italy)

Alessandro boy was born in 1980 and has always cultivated imaginary syntheticism electronic, exploring various ideas of electronics and various interventions in the Italian soil… the search continues with the real-time recording and modifications, the use of various materials as well as Walkman, tape recorders, recorders and synthesizers; more research soundscapes particular, recording the real life and not… the interest in nature and the understanding of its mechanisms sound.



Konstantin Popov (Russia)

Poet, Developer, traveler and sound artist from Russia. He was born in 1984 in small village on Ural region. Right now he lived in Saint-Petersburg. Konstantin is the founder of Taxedo label.



Robert Kroos (Holland)

Rotterdam based sound-artist and DJ working on all kinds of sound- and music related projects.



Benjamin Bishop

Benjamin Bishop gathers sounds in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.



Dani Satria aka The Kiriks (Indonesia)

The Kiriks (Dani Satria) is an Indonesian noise and ambient music project from Jakarta. Formed in 2013, The Kiriks release their debut album in netlabel EarAlertRecords from Yogyakarta.
Dani Satria is a Journalist at, where he writes hard news and something about investigation.



Hernik (Poland)

Field recordist - originally from Warsaw, Poland – currently based in Budapest, Hungary.



Jeremy Hegge (Australia)

... filmmaker, field recordist and musician from Sydney, NSW, Australia. I am interested in long duration recordings, meditative listening, site-specific works and the way sounds change in a place over time.



The Sunken Hum (Ireland)

I live in a house set in the middle of a bog that is surrounded by woods which are edged by fields and fairy hills and lakes that fall and rise with the rains. Sometimes the clouds sit gray and heavy like a big blanket in the sky and all the cattle lay in the field, droopy eyed, beneath them. Sometimes the fox sneaks up the driveway and steals the chickens. In autumn, the cows cry back and forth when the farmer takes their calves away. In spring, the elusive cuckoo comes calling for his mate. The tractors rumble all through the warm summer twilight and with winter the fire crackles and the hot water pipes lull and drone. And all through the year the rain plays rhythms everywhere it falls.



Chris Silver T (Greece)

After more than 20 years of service as the drummer of Greek neo-psychedelic pioneers Purple Overdose and No Man’s Land (still on active duty with the latter), Chris Silver T. decided to temporarily abandon his drum kit in order to embark on a private journey in the sea of sounds that laps the shores of his mind. The results of this esoteric trip can be heard in the soundscapes of his latest projects.



Fabio R. Lattuca

He is musicologist and researcher on soundscape and acoustic ecology. His studies are influenced by A. Farina theories about the interaction beetwen geo,bio and antrophonies sources. He is co-founder with Pietro Bonanno of “VacuaMoenia”
research project. VacuaMoenia is an identitary and ecological sonic act aimed at the revolution of deeper meanings. In October 2013, the project takes part in SAE Symposium in Kent (UK) with the installation “Gradients” and in “Invisible Places - Sounding Cities” Symposium in Viseu (PT) with the “Omelia al Vento” composition. A site-project on Poggioreale, a little town destroyed by an earthquake in 1968, is published on “Sound at Work” - a compilation by Tempo Reale - with the name “23pg12rl12”. At present, he is working with P. Bonanno on upcoming releases for Galaverna (IT) and Gruenrekorder (DE) label.



Tony Whitehead (UK)

Tony Whitehead is a field recordist who lives and works in Devon, UK. He runs Very Quiet Records.



Una Lee (South-Korea)



Thelmo Cristovam (Brazil)

improviser/composer | saxophone | trombone | trumpet | flute | field recordings | electronics

Studied Physics and Mathematics.
Dedicated to research in psychoacoustics, music concrete, phonography/soundscapes, electroacoustic, computer music and free improvisation. About 30 albums released in Latin America, USA, Europe and Australia. Works collaboratively with artists, poets, filmmakers, writers, engineers, biologists, photographers, anthropologists, ethno/musicologists and musicians from different countries of the world.

website (under construction)


Pedro Garbellini da Silva (Brazil)

Lives in São Paulo and his interest in radio art started on the final project of Audiovisual graduation. Then, little by little, he tried to explore its possibilities, doing a lot of field recording. What he really wants is to promote and discuss radio art in Brazil. For that he started a blog named Rádio Possível, mainly to encourage listening and story-telling.



Enrique Maraver (Mexico)

A native of Mexico City and an engineer by profession, I have been fascinated for several years now with phonograph, specifically in the sound of nature, and the wealth of sounds produced by our natural environment and the mundane activities of life.

I created and developed the Audio Map Tlatelolco HiFi (, a Project linked to the sonorous identity of this emblematic site, which has been highly significant to the cultural and social context of the country (Mexico). My individual and joint projects include various audio-visual interventions and installations, and assembly of audio experiments and improvisation. I have also been involved with intervention projects in public venues, focusing mainly on sound and auditory sensibility and perception, emphasizing its importance and the diverse sensations it transmits.



Enrico Coniglio (Italy)



Manuel Calurano (Spain)

La Escucha Atenta Questionary


Toni Dimitrov (sound_00) (Macedonia)

Toni Dimitrov aka sound_00 is the man behind post global, but also cultural producer and cultural explorer, radio host and radio activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber as well as sound artist, dj, designer, organiser. When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects that keeps him busy, from music that is obviously the main focus of his hectic lifestyle, but also other projects including reading and writing, radio art and field recordings, organizing sound/art events, doing design. His radio programs on radio Kanal 103 are dedicated to contemporary electronic music and political discourse. The sound_00 sound is natural soundscape from Macedonian mountains.


Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) (Russia)

Evgenij V. Kharitonov performs, records and releases music as EugeneKha. Poet and Musician, Writer, Sound and visual artist. He was born in 1969 in Moscow. Has got philological education, the author of numerous literary publications and many books, works in journalism. The publisher and the editor of magazine of literary and art avant-guard "Drugoe Polusharie/Another Hemisphere", audio-magazine of sound poetry and audio art "ARTronic Poetry", the curator of Festival of experimental art "Lapa Azora".

In music is engaged from the middle 1980. In first half 80 was DJ and the dancer in the Moscow Disko-theatre "Columb", since 1987 played different rock groups as the guitarist, the vocalist and the author of songs (bands: "The We",Kharitonov's Fuck Orchestra, Khram Snov). In the late nineties seriously was engaged sound poetry and audio-art. Acts with performances, has let out many audio-albums as sound poet, it was published in sound poetry magazines. The participant of many vanguard festivals and live performances.

In 2000 has taken a great interest in electronic music, without adhering to any one direction. Basic: EugeneKha (Various ambience music and intelligent electronic) and Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Sound art, soundscape, sound poetry, avant-garde sound).

Side-projects: Nameless dancers (Acid Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Lounge, Dance) Spacebirds (Disco, Spacesynth, Sci-Fi Dance, Space) Microbit Project (Field for radical-underground experiments from dialup music to toytronica) Yoko Absorbing (Colaboration with Mikhail Lezin. Avant-garde rock, Free Jazz, Sound Art)

Evgenij V. Kharitonov - operator of netlabels 45 Echoes Sounds (Ambient music), Microbit-Records (lowbit), Laser Viza (Spacesynth), 45RPM-Records (chill/lounge), Another Hemisphere Records (Sound Poetry).



Balam Ronan (Mexico)

He has a bachelor's degree in Music with line terminal in Composition at the Autonomous University of Querétaro, Mexico. His work includes acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic media composition, the soundscape, has also made music for contemporary dance and designed the sound for theatre and installations. His music has been performed in Querétaro, Distrito Federal, Guadalajara, Monterrey (Mex.), Buenos Aires, San Justo, (Arg.), Gothenburg (Swe.), Washington DC (US) and Athens (Gre.). He was a fellow of the Incentives Program for Creation and Artistic Development of Young Artists 2008 of the Institute of Querétaro for Culture and Arts (IQCA), of a variety of training programs of the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Art (CMMAS, 2009-2010), of the Young Artists Program 2010-2011of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA), of the Incentives Program for Artistic Production “Apoyarte” 2011 del IQCA and of the Artistic Residency Program 2011 of the FONCA – CONACYT to make a residence in Argentina.



Atilio Doreste (Canarias)



David Prescott-Steed (Australia)

David is a sound artist, field recordist, writer and urban explorer living in Melbourne, Australia. He teaches visual culture studies and art history at the Australian Academy of Design and has contributed to sound art/new music festivals in Northern Ireland, Finland, Poland, England, and The Netherlands. David’s work is inspired by literary figures such as Alain Robbe-Grillet and Georges Perec, whose writings attempted to defamiliarise the habituated conditions of urban society in order to 're-see' them. For David, field recording is an opportunity to ‘re-hear’ everyday life in a built environment, as if with the ears of a curious alien. He uses a Sony PCM-D50 Linear recorder in the field.



Rui Chaves e Matilde Meireles (Portugal)

Rui Chaves

Rui’s work, explores the notion of intermediality, everyday aesthetics and identity in site-specific sound art. Developing work that ranges from mobile network broadcasts to performance art, positioning listening as an evocative experience that enables to question notions of body, place and narrative.


Matilde Meireles

Matilde Meireles is a sound artist whose work explores the conceptual and creative crossover between visual arts and sound encompassing areas such as site-specificity, soundscape and design. It is focussed on enhancing the role of the listener in the changing perception of the soundscape and its possible representations in sonic arts.

She is currently pursuing a PhD in Sound Art at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast.


Jose Ricardo Delgado (Columbia)


John Tenny (USA)


Josep Mº & Edu Comelles (Spain)


SiJ (Ukraine)

SiJ - a project based March 27th 2011 by Vladislav Sikach. In sound which incorporated a variety of industrial themes expressed in the darkest colors, mainly Dark Ambient.

In his tracks SiJ uses a variety of instruments such as acoustic guitar, drums, of the electron - synthesizers, electric guitars and more. It's often sound mechanical and electromechanical instruments of its own making. In the recent work of the project are widely used field recordings made in different places - from the mundane city streets to abandoned military and industrial facilities. Besides achieving apply VST-technology, digital recordings and a special programming language and the synthesis of acoustic waves CSound.
SiJ cooperates with many authors genres Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone, Industrial, Noise, and the authors concerned solely field recordings.



Jay-Dea Lopez (Australia)

Jay-Dea Lopez is a field recordist and sound designer based in Australia. Jay-Dea's compositional works have featured in galleries and festivals in Australia, Spain, the USA, France, and Finland. His field recording work focusses on the sub-tropical forest region of eastern Australia. Jay-Dea is a regular reviewer for the online journal The Field Reporter.


Flavien Gillié (Belgium)

Flavien Gillié is doing field recordings as a link between places, voices and memory. He also reworks field recordings and elaborates soundscapes presented live or in some installations.


Greg Simon (LSdB) (France)

Greg Simon – Le Son des Bruits (LSdB) was born in Marseille in 1977 but has since lived in different countries. He started practising Field Recording without knowing it, because he thought photography was not suitable enough to sum up his travel experiences. He then fell into composition of sound postcards for blind people, decomposition of spontaneous speech and concrete music. Both his raw field recordings and compositions are driven by feeling, emotion and chance. He worked in collaboration with a photographer on different projects and performed live with an experimental jazz band.


Chris Lynn (USA)

Chris H. Lynn is a sound artist, filmmaker, educator, and curator from Maryland. His sound work consists of field recordings, piano compositions, and audio from his films. His work has appeared on numerous net labels and compilations. His mini dv images and super 8 films attempt to capture the subtle rhythms of light and sound in urban and rural landscapes.  His work has been screened in galleries and festivals across the globe.


Joe Stevens (UK) 

The key field of activity for Joe is public space. His artworks concern themselves with how people move and act in the public domain and how the personal realm relates to this. Using sound, photographs, video and writing, to testify how we use public space; how we move through it, sit in it, lounge or conduct ourselves in it, and above all how we relate to other people and objects.
My main motivations is to make sense of the world around us and to help serve as my visual memory. Whether it is exploring personal memories or looking at how we relate to our surroundings or simply looking more closely at the objects and spaces around us. Through field recordings, the listeners can experience the sound of places that they might never be able to visit. That is not only a quality of a field recording but also of photography – both record media can easily comple­ment one another. Their authenticity is not as important as their prospect of recording moments, atmospheres, noises and images and making them accessible, so that people can visualise a place they did not know. The new experiences and discoveries inspire people and make them "see" their world in a different way.


Luís Antero (Portugal)

Sound artist. Since 2008 he develops an ongoing project in collecting the immaterial sound heritage of several areas of Portugal, through field recordings, that can be found at and 
Have a degree in Artistic Studies and a postgraduate degree in Portuguese Cultural, Traditional and Popular Heritage.


Virgilio Oliveira (Portugal)

I am a musician/sound designer/sound artist and a field recording enthusiast. Born in Viseu, Portugal in 1979, I have been living in London, UK for the last 10 years, where I am currently finishing a degree in Sound Arts and Design at the UAL. I have released work in several labels such as Enough Records, Mimi Records, Eastern Recordings under the name GILO. My work has been featured in several festivals across Europe such as the Soundwaves Festival 2011, Brighton, and the PopKatu Festival (2011), Finland. Latest sonic endeavours can be heard at

I have also been working on the phonography project "Sound Map of the Douro River".


nigul (Spain)

Jaume Muntsant (aka Nigul) is a student of sound, composer and phonography enthusiast since 2005. He has published his ambient drone work in different netlabels, especially in Audiotalaia, and performed live at various festivals in Spain and Europe.
Nigul music is characterized by a constant evolution of the concept of the project, linked to experimentation with different sound sources, whether digital or analog, so his sound has passed through synthesis, field recordings, guitars and other classic intruments, generative music... always with the thought put into the mysteries of life.


Dyman (Portugal)

Atomic Sound deu-lhe a oportunidade de passar na rádio portuguesa Catedral de Lágrimas

2008 Dyman realiza o seu primeiro álbum que não chegou a ser lançado oficialmente, Digital Nature.

Em 2009 volta com os seus instrumentais, Planner onde podemos observar uma evolução a nível de produção, englobando os estilos: Electrónica / Trip Hop / Ambient / Hip Hop. Planner é um projecto com 17 faixas.

“7B5 17050255", uma era de mudanças, um refugio, lançado também em 2009 pela Enoughrecords, netlabel que lançou o seu primeiro trabalho de instrumentais, Atomic Sound. Este álbum traz uma nova sonoridade em comparação aos 3 trabalhos anteriores (Atomic Sound, Digital Nature e Planner). 7B5 17050255 define uma nova experiência, uma nova explorção musical dentro dos estilos, dark, ambient e glitch. Mais tarde é lançado Island, novamente pela Enoughrecords. Este álbum mostra o "outro lado", mais Laidback drone e celestial ambient, trazendo o inverso de um ambiente obscuro.

island define um passagem sobre uma terra desconhecida visualmente, mas muito familiar interiormente. No design deste novo álbum podemos encontrar 8 símbolos onde cada um deles representa um tema de island.

Em 2010 foi convidado para participar na 3ª edição de Falésia. Tendo o dark ambient nacional como referência – e suas variantes, “Falésia 3” conta com um tema de Dyman, "Observa".

THE MEGAZINE surge pouco tempo depois. Neste projecto existe um pouco de variedade. Existem diferentes níveis de energia, diferentes géneros. Algumas faixas são frias e profundas, a um ritmo acelerado e cheio de fogo. The Megazine" funciona melhor, quando estamos a fugir da cidade na calada da noite.

2011 é o ano de mais uma nova experiência, "Spirits Wathing Humans Walking In The Forest", novo single que chega pelas mãos da Green Field Recordings. Dentro da musica ambiente, Dyman explora a gravação pura da natureza, misturando o seu lado obscuro, criando uma experiência sonora para tentarmos compreender (dentro da imaginação do artista) o que sente um espírito mau quando observa os vivos. "Spirits Wathing Humans Walking In The Forest" segue a ideologia de “7B5 17050255 mas com um toque de fantasia.


Rui Almeida & Nuno Miranda Ribeiro (Portugal) 

Dallas Simpson (England)


ps (Filipe Cruz) (Portugal) 


James Wyness (Scotland)

James Wyness is a composer and sound artist living in Southern Scotland.

His work focuses almost exclusively on the development two long term projects: The Borders Archive, a digital archive of sounds from the region in which he lives, and the production of new live and recorded work from a collection of mostly hand made acoustic and electronic instruments.

In his conceptual investigations of sound in all its forms he works across performance, installation, instrument building, regional sound archiving, field and studio recording projects in order to produce work for fixed media and sound installation. His installation work focuses primarily on conceptual sonic art which investigates close listening by means of multi-channel sound.


David Velez (Colombia)

David Velez is a sound artists born in Bogotá, Colombia who works with sound as medium and as object of research. The main considerations on his work are the textures and the temporality as formal elements on sound composition and the relation they establish with the hearing as a generator of references on space and time in the sensible experience.


Emanuele Costantini (Italy)

I'm a listener and the sound from the environment, from electronic and acoustic instruments have deeply influenced me. Electronic engineering has been vital to understand and use sound waves for the right purposes.
After spending several years splitting my time between school, electronic factories, rehearsal and recording studios, over the last years I've become very familiar with the whole processes, working in various areas of the media industry such as film, music, TV, conference systems and engineering, getting a wide range of skills and experiences as sound recordist, editor, designer, mix engineer and producer.

I am an Italian sound artist, engineer and designer actually living in London (UK). I'm continuously involved in exploring and pushing the boundaries of microphone applications and use.
Not a big fan of processing and manipulation, I'm convinced that any sound is already existing in nature and is just a matter of finding it and using the right microphone to get it.


Carlo Giordani (Italy)

I am an electronic engineer working in the field of the Information and Communications Technology. 
I am the head of the Open Systems Division of Cortis Lentini, a software house based in Bergamo. My task is to coordinate the work of Project Managers and to provide consultancy (databases tuning and sizing, local and geographical network design, software development methodologies).
Before this, I was geophysicist, developing signal processing software and electromagnetic field-handling algorithms, I was a designer of industrial software.
Besides my technical training, I have been interested in photography and sound since 1980. I look to extract from everyday life, unexpected and quaint sounds, to produce emotions from the construction of a sonorous landscape that is behind the everyday hidden sounds which we are conditioned to ignore.


Darius Ciuta (Lithuania)


SALA (Lithuania)

"In one or other sonar incarnation we play about 15 years, musically varying from ritual, ambient, industrial, dark folk and similar territories."

Michael T. Bullock (USA)

Michael T. Bullock is a composer, improviser, multimedia artist, illustrator and writer living in Boston, MA, USA. His modes of work include electroacoustic composition, improvisation, drawing, and video. Bullock performs across the US and in Europe, collaborating with a huge range of artists, including Pauline Oliveros, Christian Wolff, Steve Roden, Bhob Rainey and Greg Kelley of nmperign, Mazen Kerbaj and Theodore Bikel.
Bullock’s music has been released by numerous labels including Cassauna, Winds Measure, Sedimental, Grob, 1.8sec, al Maslakh, and Homophoni. He recently completed a PhD from the Arts Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.


Claudio Curciotti (Italy)

Claudio is the curator of the web platform FIELD ABUSE, "a web archive that collects sounds and images.
The blog focuses on the human noise and the loudness of the contemporary world, in relation to religion, ethnic music and traditional cultures."


Andrea Borghi (Italy)

Italian sound artist and bass player who creates electronic music and installations using his own Max/MSP patch for real-time sound treatments, and he often performs within an audio/visual context. Andrea graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and studied electronic music, piano and composition at the Giacomo Puccini Music Conservatory in La Spezia. Andrea's work has also been exhibited at galleries in Italy, France and Germany. Founder member of VipCancro.


José María Pastor Sánchez  (Spain)

José María Pastor Sánchez nace en Elche (Alicante-España) en 1969, y se considera músico siempre y cuando el hecho de trabajar con “sonidos” se pueda considerar motivo suficiente para serlo (músico). En la actualidad y después de haber estudiado en distintos lugares (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante) improvisación, percusión, creación experimental, electroacústica, y algún que otro curso en el LIEM, esta trabajando en diversos proyectos relacionados con el arte sonoro (paisaje sonoro, electroacústica, improvisación con ordenador, instalaciones, performances).

Todas las grabaciones de campo, así como su posterior edición y mezcla, están realizadas bajo dos ideas fundamentales en mi trabajo: Aleatoriedad e improvisación. La aleatoriedad me permite re descubrirme a cada instante, y la improvisación me permite la creación sin reflexión condicionada por cánones estéticos prefijados.


David Nemeth (USA)

David Nemeth lives in the northern Delaware, which are the suburbs of Philadelphia. He has a wife, two children, two dogs and two cats. At times, he thinks he is the typical American, and at other times he knows he's not. Nemeth writes the Disruptive Platypus blog which reviews netlabel albums he enjoys. He began field recording back in the middle of 2010 and is still learning very much about phonography. Instead of fighting what's around him, Nemeth has decided to embrace suburbia as well as man-made sounds in his field recordings.


auvikogue (Germany)

auvikogue/peter schubert, amateur & dilettante, field recordist, circuit bender, soundsculptor, urban explorer and geocacher, located in the south of germany and in the outer field of experimental music since 1998, founder of heima®t, a soundmap to documentate the auditive surroundings of the small city 'geislingen an der steige' and since 2010 the area around, researching for 'other' sounds, lost places for lost concerts and alternative forms to release audio.




Mecha/Orga is the project and recording name of Yiorgis Sakellariou.
Since 2003, 2 CDs and 5 CD-Rs have been released and Mecha/Orga has been presented live internationally.

Mecha/Orga’s music and performances are mostly based on field recordings
(from passing trains to waterfalls and from refrigerator drones to desert winds),
which are filtered and mixed in real time, with the use of a laptop.

Yiorgis Sakellariou is involved with the contemporary and experimental music scene in Greece through his CD-R label “Echomusic”,
and as a member of the Contemporary Music Research Centre, and the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association.

He’s also a participant in the Ear to the Earth organization and he has composed music for film and theatre plays.



Rui Almeida (Portugal) is a derivation of Massa Última, the main project of Rui Almeida and it is focused on exploring the potentialities of non-musical/natural sound sources, with the simple sound collection or by creating environments of interaction in an improvisation basis. Now living in Guimarães in the north of Portugal, Rui is envolved in other musical projects.



Juanjo Palacios (Spain)

Juanjo Palacios is a sound artist and field recordist from Asturias-Spain. His works have been published in the labels alg-a and miga, among others and included in different compilations. He has realized workshops of sound creation and field recordings, designed sound ambiences and live performances at several festivals and art centres.



Pegada ecológica na Cidade OH (Portugal) 

Somos cinco alunos da turma A, do 12º ano, da Escola Secundária c/ 3º C.E.B. de Oliveira do Hospital, distrito de Coimbra, e estamos a desenvolver um trabalho, no âmbito da disciplina de Área de Projecto. O nome do nosso projecto é “Pegada Ecológica na Cidade O.H.” e consiste, principalmente, em analisar os hábitos ecológicos da população da nossa cidade e, posteriormente, sensibilizá-la para o impacto que esses mesmos hábitos têm sobre o ambiente.

Deste modo, pretendemos contribuir para o desenvolvimento sustentável de Oliveira do Hospital!
Grupo Pegada Ecológica na Cidade O.H.: Ana Rita Álvaro, Constança Marques, Hugo Ferreira, Inês Oliveira e Rafael Figueiredo



Anton Mobin (France)

Objects manipulator & concrete music composer from Paris, France, works for radio, improvisator experienced and addict to field recordings. In the continuity of the Pierre Shaeffer's concepts, Anton is always in search for new articulations, between objects, manipulations and interaction with his own body. A crack, a fold, a brightness, a jolt in the plan of the sound, convexity of surface...



Alexei Biryukoff (Siberia)

I am visual and a sound artist from Russia.
I make conceptual projects that involve large scale paintings, sound, installations and performances. I have been playing music since school, always tended to experimental stuff but got seriously interested in field recordings only a couple of years ago.

In my music project Muhmood that i formed in 2004 i use quite a bit of field recordings and this is my first purely field recordings release here on GFR. It is called Talmenka - after the place and the river in South Western Siberia. I am in love with the sounds of nature, wind, water, animals, as well as industrial and very noisy sounds. I find them all very beautiful - it is such a thick and important layer of life to me, i think sounds can convey much more than words or even pictures. Coupled with my love to travel a lot i am sure i will get to make some interesting field recordings from different parts of our planet in my future releases.



Xarhope On The Road (Portugal)

Xarohpe On The Road is samuel ufus`s field recordings works.... Samuel Ufus aka xarope aka xarhope aka xarohpe has been doing music for around 10 years. During this time I have been traveling and living here and there, inside my country and in another palaces in Europe, making music here and there, always in a very low conditions, and I'm not complaining. Traveling and making music is for me really connected. The post-punk altitude suited me very nice, and brought the sense to my traumatic need of expression! Jazz and improvised music was the cream and spiritual thing to me as a traveler that have to improvise almost everyday. I'm also a writer mainly connected with surrealism and the beat generation. Till now I have worked with different projects such as, VACUUM (weirdmetal/tribal/experimental), 2000-2001, with Gabriel Moreira. ENGENHO (improv, noise, darkwave, punk,), 2001-2010 with Marco Ramos. JACKPOOOTE (improv/punk/dub/tribal), 2007-2008, with Goncalo Pinto. TALiSMUTrio (freejazz/rock), 2008-2009, with Marcelo and Ara. PREGUiZZA (postrock/ambient/fieldrecordings/poetry), with Luis Antero and lastly I have been working with Carmen Serralva (nemraca), we have been improvising with toy instruments, electronic stuff, doing fieldrecordings and spokenword in our travel from Portugal to middle east. We both are part of the art collective TONTURA RURAL.
Released albums: Jackpooote, xs records - 2008 / Xarope "xarhope", electro rucini - 2008 / Engenho "amazonia", xs records - 2008 / Preguizza, "xarope cossoul out level", electro rucini rec - 2008 / Talismu trio "live at patelas club", electro rucini rec - 2009 / Engenho "seagull", electro rucini rec 2009 / xarhope-jackpooote-engenho "freaking out at republica solar 44", clinical archives -2009 / xarhope-missraca-misstara-skywalker "taranto house", editora do porto  2009 / preguizza-engenho-alrucini "tontura rural", electro rucini rec -2009/ xarohpe & nemraca "la strada", electro rucini rec - 2010 / xarhope "always a new home" very nice noise rec - 2010/  xarhope and nemraca "sarumbatico" very nice noise rec - 2010 



Terence Lloren (China)

Terence LLoren is the founder of Bivouac Recording. Originally from the USA he moved to Shanghai from New York City in 2006 and immediately fell in love with his new home. Having been trained as an Architect but with a passion for sound, he finally started doing sound full time in 2009 by establishing Bivouac Recording. Using Shanghai as his muse, he actively creates new field recording projects that record the life and the city. He sometimes uses unconventional recording techniques to recreate the listener’s experience and to convey the same emotions felt as when it was recorded.



Daniel del Rio (Spain)

"My interests focus on electroacoustic music, noise, microsound, field recordings and interactions between energy people.
I studied percussion for years, learning to put the sound ordered in time.Several years ago I became aware of the world around me as an instrument where the sound power and wealth of randomness positioned myself as a grateful listener.
 Later I was comfortable with a lot of sound objects that I discovered in my life, to explore its musical possibilities in all its aspects.
 I seeking intangible and decontextualized sounds for my compositions, where the listener has a free way of perception.
Some of my electroacoustic works can be found in the experimental noise netlabel founded together with the Sound Art Association Cimaural, from my hometown Guadalajara."



JM Charcot (France)

JM Charcot has been doing field recordings for years, from the first fainting women in the Salpêtrière hospital to the dreary landscapes of his homeland. Each recording is a key to the dark side of our unconscious he reveals.
He also reworks and brutalizes these field recordings under the name of FinalCut on occasions.



François-Emmanuel Fodéré (France)

Born in mysterious circumstances, his talent was discovered so late that he was not able to attend schools or universities. François-Emmanuel acquired his musical knowledge while travelling to various countries. Some of his musical education was learned from strange situations and experiences. The protection of his benefactor (the French netlabel La p'tite maison) presented  him with the opportunity to get a free position. His distinguished charostics were developed by his curiosity on the contrast between natural and urban sounds. “Go draw something fantastic on the ground, to reveal the power of nature and Spirit. Try to show that madness is nothing other than part of reality.” The mixture of human and natural sounds has always been regarded as a desecration; which has remained discrete during his travels. Some say they have seen him wearing a cape. Equipped with a small bag and leather's shoes as flexible as possible, he wanders and  weaves a web between memory and dream. He recently began to travel the world in search of troglobian... The research of  his investigations are still available on various netlabels. His first albums were published on the netlabel earsheltering in 2007. "3priiises" was one of the collaborative records that was created with three other friends.



MZ-N710 (France)

"I started recording sounds five years ago in Auvergne, a place in France where I go on holidays since I was seven. In the moutains, more than a thousand meters high, the sounds of nature are very pure, without disturbances from man activities. I began there, and then recorded near the place where I live, a small town which is much more noisy ! And so on, in different areas, such as forests, near rivers, and by the sea... When you have caught the virus you can't stop."

(for another releases of the same artist, please visit earsheltering)




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