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GFR 118
FFE - 
Road Tapes, Vol. II (GFR, 118)

01. Septimazo (Bogotá, Colombia – August 2016)

02. Afilador (Guayaquil, Ecuador – July 2016)

03. Un trago para Papá (Puno, Peru – June 2016)

04. Terminal (Potosi, Bolivia – June 2016)

05. Vergüenza (Calama, Chile – May 2016)

06. Agua (La Granja, Cordoba, Argentina - May 2016)

07. Eternity (Mendoza, Argentina - May 2016)

08. Moskito (Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands  - March 2016)

09. Pertarungan Kerbau (Tana Toraja, Indonesia - December 2015)

10. Ayam wanita (Kalabahi, Indonesia - November 2015)

11.  Kerbau (Sumbawa, Indonesia - October 2015)

12.  Noel Félix (Malacca, Malaysia - September 2015)

13.  Banyak Burung  (Malacca, Malaysia - September 2015)

14.  Saoub (Phnom Penh, Cambodia - August 2015)

15.  Yb (Sihanoukville, Cambodia - August 2015)

16.  Nước (Sapa, Vietnam - July 2015)

17.  Cuihu V (Cuihu Park, Kunming, China - July 2015)

18.  Cuihu VI (Cuihu Park, Kunming, China - July 2015)

19.  Cuihu VII (Cuihu Park, Kunming, China - July 2015)

20.  Mí huàn (Lijiang, China - July 2015)

21.  Baikal (Khalkhon, Russia - May 2015)

22.  Kör (İstiklal st, Istanbul, Turkey - January 2015)

23.  Dangbej (Erzurum, Turkey - December 2014)

24.  Metro (Almaty, Kazakhstan - November 2014)

25.  Yilan (Urumuqi, China, October 2014)

26.  Qawwali (Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore, Pakistan - September 2014)

27.  Ustad Saleem khan (Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore, Pakistan - September 2014)

28.  Khiaboon violon (Tehran. Iran - August 2014)

29.  Azan parande (Tehran. Iran - August 2014)

30.  Khiaboon moosighi (Tehran. Iran - August 2014)

31.  Cami (Istanbul, Turkey - August 2014)

32.  Limon (Istanbul, Turkey - August 2014)

33.  Pyrotechnie et poubelle (Nice, France - July 2014)

Vol II of diferent recordings that FFE did when he was traveling around the world.

All the sounds were recorded with Roland Edirol R-09HR in different locations around the world between July 2014 and September 2016.

No audio post production.


Style: Field Recordings/Soundscape
Original photos: FFE
Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2018


GFR 117
Rafal Flejter - 
Stambuł (GFR, 117)

animal market sound walk (01:40)

evening gathering (03:12)

 in the middle of the bridge moasin (05:04)

entrance to boats (02:24)

 in the mosque (02:32)

hungry birds (08:16)

moasin and walk thru’ market (02:52)

 mosque reverberation (04:52)

 museum (03:08)

These recordings were made in 2006 in Istanbul. City I chose for my site specific project. I fell in love with that place, its dynamics, unpredictability and the people. Getting to know the city soundscapes I have recorded its life using simple pocket dat tape recorder and diy made binaural microphones.

I have managed to capture sounds that will always bring back the sound of this unique city, I always like to come back to these recordings and I grew to the stage to share them with you.

Recordings are not titled in order to leave listener with no prejudice or expectation leaving space just for listening experience.

Rafal Flejter


Style: Field Recordings/Soundscape

Original photos: "Designed by Prostooleh / Freepik"

Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2018

GFR 116
Toni Dimitrov - 
Athens Sketches (GFR, 116)
01. Athens Sketches (32:39)

Style: Field Recordings/Soundscape
Original photos: Toni Dimitrov
Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2018


GFR 115
Fernando Ribeiro - 
Botswana (GFR, 115)

01. Botswana (17:18)

This recording collects excerpts of a performance by the San people with minor sound manipulation by Fernando Ribeiro. 

The time is April 2017 and the space is the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. The context is that of Tourism with capital T: although this is the depths of Africa, tourists arrive on busses on a weekly basis, and under a very hot sun the San people are introduced to us as a very ancient people, the kind of last pure and nomadic ones around. They show us some tricks about their survival on the desert: how to fetch water, how to start a fire, how to find weeds for different usage and how to hunt animals. In a word: they act as their ancestors always have, or they may even actually reproduce real acts of their contemporary lives, but all the purity seems to vanish with the regularity of the touristic show. This is why when the night falls and you are invited for yet another act, this time with music, you become impressed to hear such pure circular chants that float on circular paths around the fire. This is not just a cover of old songs, you can actually feel the trance of your contemporaries being visited by their ancestors.

Fernando Ribeiro


Style: Field Recordings/Soundscape

Original photos: Fernando Ribeiro

Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2018

GFR 114
Chris Lynn - Pond Views (GFR, 114

Pond 1 (10:41)

Pond 2 (05:55)

Pond views are two field recordings of ponds In China and America.

Pond 1 was recorded Nanjing, China during the early morning hours in July.

Pond 2 was recorded in Maryland, USA  during the late afternoon hours in March.

Chris Lynn


Style: Field Recordings/Soundscape

Original photo: Chris Lynn

Artwork: GFR

(cc) 2018

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