GFR 106

James Osland Four Lakes

01. Alexandrina (15:00)

02. Ohau (15:00)

03. Tekapo (14:59)

04. Pukaki (15:02)

The ‘Four Lakes’ project was recorded during my time in the Mackenzie basin on New Zealand’s South Island. The Mackenzie basin or ‘Mackenzie Country’ as it is often referred to is a sparsely populated area of New Zealand home to snow-topped mountains, vast tussock fields and glacial lakes. Running parallel along the northern edge of the Mackenzie basin are its four largest lakes; Tekapo, Alexandrina, Pukaki and Ohau. It was on the shores of these lakes that I was able to find a serene form of silence that captivated my imagination. Unperturbed by the outside world with only the gentle sound of the pulsating lake tides I became immersed in another world, a sonic landscape of immeasurable beauty. These recordings aim to reflect the peace and tranquility that I found on the shores of those great lakes. 

GFR 105

Chris Lynn Summer Storms

01. Rockville Afternoon (11:01)

02. Silver Spring Evening (11:30)

Two field recordings of summer thunderstorms in Montgomery County, Maryland during the months of June and August of 2015.

GFR 104

[existence_sounds] | The Biography of Industrial City

1. Breeze (04:52)

2. Dismal Monument (04:32)

3. See Place - Gray Swamp (05:18)

4. Factory Slaves And Waste Biomass (03:20)

5. Snowstorm In Industrial City (02:45)

6. Dirty Night (03:44)

7. Archives (04:52)

8. Drone Gamelan Piece (With KG) (07:10)

Music, Field Recording and Acoustic Instruments by Stephen Mc Cann (1-6,8) / Kirill Makushin (1-8) / Konchog Gyaltsen (8)

"The Biography Of Industrial City"  include mixing acoustic instruments with noise city (field recordings)

GFR 103

Dallas Simpson Ambergate: Pump n Pipe (29th May 1996)

01. Ambergate: Pump n Pipe (29th May 1996) (01:13:28)

Ambergate: Pump n Pipe (29th May 1996)

Including the ‘waterpump’ EMIT 1197 source audio

(Transcription from the original DAT tape)

On World Listening Day 2016 the location of the original ‘waterpump’ track (EMIT 1197), was revisited and a performance re-enacted with the remains of the now silent pump. A video recording was also made and is being released through Green Field Recordings.

The emotional intensity of the revisit and the strong memories that it evoked prompted me to return to the original DAT tape, which I recorded some twenty years ago on 29th May 1996, at the same location. To my surprise there was over an hour of additional location recording and an improvisation, which I had totally forgotten about. 

To have a comparison of the soundscape of a location over a period of 20 years, admittedly at a different time of year, is certainly interesting and it is relevant as a document of acoustic archaeology. The re-discovery of an improvisation which has never been released from that time is also significant. Consequently I have decided to release the full audio of the DAT tape, save my introductory comments and some large glitches near the beginning. Other than that, the audio is presented virtually unedited and has been re EQ’d and level adjusted to be compatible with the contemporary recording made this year. A few minor glitches and ‘accidentals’ remain. I hope this minor ‘patina’ from the original recording does not spoil the enjoyment for the listener.

It still amazes me how good both the recordings and the intensity of the original soundscape were, and also the quality of my custom hand built in-ear mics, costing only a few pounds, still stand up alongside the more expensive equipment I am currently using. I stopped using the hand built mics as their life was short and unpredictable, many a good recording was ruined by mic failure only discovered when I listened to the recording afterwards - and they were a pain to make!

Video Clip

Included in this release is a short video clip from May 2012, showing the lake and the two remaining supports of the metal pipe that extended over the lake to the support that has the ‘deep water’ notice on it. The pipe was removed some years ago.

Notes on the Recording:

Recorded in binaural stereo optimised for headphone listening, using custom designed and built in-ear microphones powered from a custom designed power unit direct into a Sony D7 DAT recorder.

Notes on the Performance:

Representing an early stage in my development of environmental performance, ‘waterpump’ still stands as one of my best due to the minimal nature of my intervention and the remarkable qualities of the natural soundscape and the sonic signature of the pump source. This extended recording includes a series of longer walkabouts while exploring the magnificent rippling streams at the location at the time, and ends with an intuitive improvisation using a metal pipe that projected over the small lake nearby (see above and video clip). My performance style with the pipe at that time was more ‘percussive’ and ‘protorhythmic’, whereas I usually tend to be more restrained and minimal these days. This pipe no longer exists, making the improvisation even more historically poignant. 


dallas simpson, 12/08/16

GFR 102

VA Green Field Recordings/World Listening Day - Sounds Lost & Found

01. Alexander Baker - Wind, Grasses, Insects (UK)

02. Atilio Doreste - Punta de la Banya, Parque Natural del Ebro (Spain)

03. Dallas Simpson - Aquapump Tacit (UK)

04. Dr. James Kent - Sound from 7A, 16 and 10 (UK)

05. Luís Antero - Mãe/Mother (Portugal)

06. Mikael Layoura - Encuentro en un callejón de Chaouan/Naffar,Ghiyatt & White Noise in the Street of Tetouan (Spain)

07. VA/Maile Colbert (cood.) - Monsanto Soundwalk (Portugal)

08. Virgilio Oliveira - Fontelo (Portugal) 

(pdf book for more details in the download page)

GFR 101

Paolo Gàiba Riva Népála

01. Népála (14:52)

Recorded during the months of November and December 2014. Assembled in occasion of Christmas' concert at "Curilo" in Kathmandu.

All the sounds are untreated, they just have been equalised and hardly overlayed.

Thanks to: Marco Antonelli, del Grandi sisters, all the people i met during my trip.

Dedicated to the strong people of Nepal.

Play loud through speakers or on headphones for a fulfilling experience.


GFR 100

Corwin Trails | Selected Field Recordings from India/Nepal, Vols. I, II & III

Volume I is intimate.  Most songs were performed personally by musicians for me and are often playful or humorous.  

01. Snake Baba Sings, Hampi

02. Street Performer En Route to Vittala Temple, Hampi

03. An Instrument the Boy Called Happy Day, Gokarna

04. Chitiya Kalaiya Sung by Three Children, Jodhpur

05. Tu Chale Sung by Three Children, Jodhpur

06. Group of Musicians Playing On Stopped Train, Between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

07. Garden Full of Flowers, Great Thar Desert

08. Up Downs Coming Going, Great Thar Desert

09. Little Boy Plays Drum and Sings at Amer Fort, Jaipur

10. Snakecharmer, Jaipur

11. Harmonium and Drum at the Karni Mata Temple, Deshnoke

12. Sikhs Play at the Golden Temple, Amritsar

13. Curator of Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery Singing, Naggar

14. Flute and Drum, Rishikesh

15. Two Men Playing Along the Ganga River, Rishikesh

16. Two Men Play One More Song, Rishikesh

17. A Man Approaches with Bowed Sitar, Rishikesh

18. Rashem Pidity, Pokhara

19. A Man Plays Trekking Song on Fewa Lake, Pokhara

20. Villagers Perform at Mona Lisa Lodge, Mulktinath, Nepal

21. Yasuke Mazda Plays Tabla with 8-bit Raga Generator, Varanasi

Total running time: 47:09


Volume II is music of the collective.  The performances are usually devotional or ritualistic in some manner, designed to bring performers and participants together.  The tone will waver between the celebratory and the solemn.  A majority of the performances were done in a public sphere and I was only one among many.  

01. Mosque and Traffic, Kochi

02. Mosque and Traffic II, Kochi

03. Mahashivaratri Mela Festival, Gokarna

04. Mahashivaratri Mela Festival II, Gokarna

05. Mahashivaratri Mela Festival III, Gokarna

06. Prayer Reading at Birthplace of Hanuman on Anjanadri Hill, Kishkindha

07. Aum in Cave #26, Ajanta Complex

08. Wagah Border Ceremony, India/ Pakistan Border

09. Wagah Border Ceremony II, India/ Pakistan Border

10. Wagah Border Ceremony III, India/ Pakistan Border

11. Wagah Border Ceremony IV, India/ Pakistan Border

12. Wagah Border Ceremony V, India/ Pakistan Border

13. Adorning the Palki Sahib with Wreaths of Flowers at the Golden Temple, Amritsar

14. Tibetan Monks Chanting at Gyuto Branch Monastery House No. 422, McLeod Ganj

15. Distant Temple Ritual, Naggar

16. Jach Festival in Kulu Valley, Jana

17. Bell and Echo at Ganga Aarti, Haridwar

18. Loud Bells on Ganga, Haridwar

19. Ganga Aarti Ceremony, Haridwar

20. Ganga Aarti Ceremony II, Haridwar

21. Ganga Aarti Ceremony III, Haridwar

22. Ganga Aarti Ceremony IV, Haridwar

23. Ganga Aarti Ceremony V, Haridwar

24. Naga Worship Ceremony, Pokhara, Nepal

25. Naga Worship Ceremony II, Pokhara, Nepal

26. Woman Reading Tibetan Prayers and Child Laughing, Braga, Nepal

27. Rama Nam Sati Heh, Chant of the Dead, Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi

28. Sunrise Ceremony at Panchganga Ghat, Varanasi

29. Sunrise Ceremony at Panchganga Ghat II, Varanasi

30. Morning Ceremony at Assi Ghat, Varanasi

31. Shiva Worship Ceremony, Varanasi

32. Drums and Bells Above Jatarghat, Varanasi

33. Prayer Reading in Shiva Temple, Varanasi

34. Santoor and Tabla at Assi Ghat, Varanasi

Total running time: 01:02:59

Volume III is natural.  Soundscapes meant to create a three dimensional space.  Field recordings in the purist sense.  

01. 9 Wood Street, Bangalore

02. Birds at Cubbon Park, Bangalore

03. Sari Printer in Old Neighborhood, Bangalore

04. Wind Chimes in Palm Meadows, Bangalore

05. Quarrel in a Small Village, Train Between Bangalore and Kochi

06. Kalimba in Music Shop, Kochi

07. Kids at School, Kochi

08. Between Half-moon and Paradise Beach, Gokarna

09. Drum Circle, Gokarna

10. Announcement Through Blown Speaker, Hyderabad Train Station

11. Kids Play Large Kettle Drum with Red Swastika Painted in the Center for Holi Festival, Jodhpur

12. Bowl-Pressing Machine, Jodhpur

13. Camelbell, Great Thar Desert

14. Encountering a Baby Goat, Great Thar Desert

15. Rain and Thunderstorm at Lallgarh Palace, Bikaner

16. Doing the Dishes at the Golden Temple, Amritsar

17. Horses Trot Down from Tiffin Top, Nainital

18. Early Morning Pony Herd in Timang, Nepal

19. Cicadas in Rhododendrons on the Trail to Ghorepani, Nepal 

20. US Ambassador to Nepal Speaks to US Embassy after Earthquake, Kathmandu, Nepal

21. Rowboat on Ganga River, Varanasi

22. Pack of Rabid Dogs on Full Moon, Varanasi

Total running time: 28:50

GFR 099

Joseph Young In a Shetland Landscape


01. Birds, Burra (02:24)

02. Gulls, Silwick (02:20)

03. Birds & wind turbine, Vementry (03:09)

04. Bird colony, Unst (03:59)


05. Wind at gate (*) (04:45)

06. Wind in tower, Bressay (02:39)

07. Trees; Sheep; Birds; Barn Door (04:20)

08. Rain, abandoned farm building (02:57)


09. Viking Fishing Festival (05:07)

10. Walls Fair (09:20)

11. Barbara's Machine (01:55)

The Sea

12. Roaring Sea, Yell (04:07)

13. Rock pool, Meal Beach (*) (03:02)

14. St. Ninian's Isle (03:11)

Total running time: 56:15

All sounds apart from (*) recorded August 2015

(*) recorded November 2014

The sounds for this album were recorded on a series of walks in the Shetland Isles

​In November 2014 and August 2015, using binaural microphones. They form the base material for a collaborative exhibition of the same name with ceramist Kay Aplin, opening in April 2016 at Shetland Museum & Archives.

​The title of the album references John Cage's composition 'In A Landscape​' and the idea of immersion in the landscape rather than the 'objective' act of observing or listening to it.

​)) Please listen on headphones ))

Joseph Young

GFR 098

Alexander Baker Any field recording, replayed, begins to dream...

01. Any field recording, replayed, begins to dream (27:00)

A piece created with sounds collected during two stays in Frigiliana, Andalusia, 2014-15.


Any field recording, replayed, begins to dream...

As there are waters under the mountain... As there is blood in the stones...

Life divided into streets, narrow and steep. Echoes.  Water roars in the ravine. At the corner of a sun struck square a culvert mutters. The mountain’s unconscious seeps into the fountains. Voices burble in shadowed rooms. 

Divided, narrow and steep. The effort to climb away from history’s shale and scree. At dawn the sky is valley, the valley is sky. Daylight teems as though twilight will never be. At night the bells fall silent.

GFR 097

Balam Ronan La Escucha De Lo Cotidiano / La Escucha Que Transforma - Acción no. 2

01. 8am 02. 9am 03. 10am 04. 11am 05. 12am 06. 1pm 07. 2pm 08. 3pm 09. 4pm 

10. 5pm 11. 6pm 12. 7pm 13. 8pm 14. 9pm 15. 10pm 16. 11pm 17. 12pm 18. 1am

(total running time: 36:00)

This is the second action of the project La Escucha De Lo Cotidiano / La Escucha Que Transforma (Listening to the Everyday / Listening that Transforms), which consisted in making field recordings each hour for a day, since I woke up in the morning until I went to sleep at night. The recordings were made from 8 am on November 5th until 1 am on November 6th of 2015, a normal day in which everyday sounds are heard. Link of the project: que-transforma/ 


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